“Hope Jewelry”

Chrissy’s Creative Creations is proud to (finally) present, my newest jewelry venture, Hope Jewelry!! YAY!!!

I don’t think I have blogged about the horse ranch at all, so let me give you a bit of story first… Last summer, while teaching yoga, I met a couple girls. One continued coming to class and later invited my family to her sister’s horse ranch for a Hoe Down to promote her non-profit organization. I immediately was excited to just be invited somewhere and possibly have some new friends (Isn’t it hard to make friends as an adult?). We went and had an absolute blast. We are not horse people but my daughter was drawn to them. She immediately ran over to get a ride and got on like a pro. It looked like she had been riding horses all her life. So of course we wanted to find out more. Turns out this program is a FREE program. Did you read that? FREE!! We still don’t know how this is possible but it is. So we got Gwen signed up.

Flash forward, we are now friends with the ranchers and I volunteer there. To be really clear on how “friendly” we are now, I practically live there. I am always finding reasons to go hang out, whether it’s ranch related or just girl-time related. The ranch has become a huge part of our lives. I am not volunteering with the horses but I am volunteering with the “Rancher Program” that focuses on gardening, farm stuff, and crafting for kids, who for various reasons, can’t or don’t want to be around horses. If you want to get a closer look, click this —-> Reining Hope

One day I was asked if I wanted to sell some of my jewelry at the ranch. Of course my answer was yes, but I thought that an even better idea would be to make special jewelry that is tied to the ranch and have the profits go right back to the ranch. That way people can support the ranch but also see my handy work and maybe hire me at another time. “Hope Jewelry” was born.


I am currently selling earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces that all tie into the ranch. Here is a list of what’s for sale with photos (not all items listed have photos. You’ll have to go to my craft page for that)

Earrings: $10. You can choose between earrings that say “HOPE” in hand-bent wire, or dangle earrings with various beads and a horseshoe.


Rings: $10. All hand-bent, silver plated copper wire, in the shape of the words “Hope” or “RH” (Reining Hope)


Bracelets: $15. Hand-bent wire to say “Hope”, I ❤ RH, and I ❤ Horses. These are all made with one end of the chain longer to have a dangly horseshoe on the end to add some flare.


Necklaces: $20. The words are the same as the bracelets but just in necklace form. In addition to the hand-bent wire words, I also made hammered wire horseshoes. I literally hammer the round wire to be flat, wrap the tops with wire, and make them into a charm for a necklace. So far those have been the best seller.


If you are interested in supporting myself and the ranch and buying any jewelry, hop on over to my craft page and shoot me a message. I’ll have everything listed shortly. Shipping is included in the price, but just know that all remaining profits go right back to Reining Hope.


Everything on display at the ranch


Just to continue plugging myself, here’s my other latest wire projects. I have a friend getting married (like, almost right this moment) and she asked me to make her a hanger with her new name, and necklaces for her flower girls.



Happy Thursday, everyone! Thanks for reading!! ❤


DIY Christmas Part 2

I can’t believe I forgot to post about this stuff! Well, I take that back. I CAN in fact believe it because I have been all kinds of busy since winter arrived. My daughter was home and I was trying to keep us busy, and since my husband has actually been home since mid December we have been keeping really busy. It’s been fabulous. Even when we are busy doing nothing we are really enjoying it and not spending time on social media. So, I can believe I haven’t been blogging. But now that we are on snow day number 2 and looking at number 3 tomorrow, I have that time to sit and blog. So… here we go.

I posted about some of the things I made for Christmas presents this year but there are a bunch I didn’t because I didn’t want to ruin surprises, or I wasn’t done yet =cough, daughter’s quilt, cough=.

First up, a pair of mugs. I had seen these on one of those Facebook ads and immediately thought of a friend in Arizona. I went to dollar tree for the mugs, used my glass paint (the kind you bake so it’s permanent), and sent them off. Simple but awesome! I knew they’d be perfect.


Next up is a jewelry set I was commissioned to make. Have I said lately that returning customers are my absolute fave? Seriously. They are what keep me going in my “business” and I’m so incredibly grateful. Back to the jewelry. The recipient is an “aunt” to a beautiful young girl named Leann. So I made her a bracelet with her name and a matching pair of blue earrings. The blue and crystal beads on the clasp side of the bracelet really add something special while keeping weight on that side so the name is always on top.

Next up is something I did not make, but rather something I received. I told my husband I wanted a new address book and planner for Christmas. I had no idea what he and my daughter had in store for me. They bought simple books but went online to find handmade paper to cover the books in. The pink and purple are hand-marbled and the inside covers are cotton paper. They are extremely unique and they did all the work so they are extra super special!!!

Last on the list is the quilt I finally finished for my daughter. She LOVES it! It’s thick and warm and she has covered up with it every night since.

The quilted part is big squares of a bunch of her favorite things. There is a layer of felt under that. Then the back and binding is a piece of fleece. She loves to cover up with the fleece side and then she can see the quilted side.


Next up for Chrissy’s Creative Creations is a commissioned baby set for the same lady who commissioned the bracelet and earrings. #returningcustomer!!! Stay tuned!

Cyber Monday Sale!!


All my jewelry is 50% off today!! Hop on over to my Facebook page, Chrissy’s Creative Creations, and browse the “For Sale” album! Happy Shopping!!

In a Nutshell

Okay, it has been WAYYYYYYY too long since I wrote an entry. I won’t bore you with the details, but lets just say that it’s taken me a bit longer to get back to Life. But I am happy to say that I am back, feelin’ good, and ready to be back in the swing of things in the crafting world.

If you aren’t a fan of my Facebook page (you’re missing out) you missed that my Etsy page and Facebook page are back up and running. A couple weeks ago I officially reopened Chrissy’s Creative Creations! I am so excited. I have a photo album that gives everyone the gist of what I do and what I love. A lot of you have seen some great examples of my work but in case you haven’t, here it is.


Custom art is one of my most favorite things to do. I have created pieces for my customers for their kitchens, kids room, and outdoors. Most recently, the stick figure families have become a huge hit (it’s the photo on the top right). I make each family member to look like they do in real life. I use details like favorite colors or favorite activities to make them special and unique.

baby items

The picture says it all, but these are handmade baby items. The changing pads are made with a double layer of felt on the inside to make them super soft for your little one. The breastfeeding covers resemble an apron without the tie in the back and they velcro on the top for easy on and off. The burp cloths are also made with felt and are washed prior to shipping for easy and quick use and softness. Each item, except the plastic wipe container, is machine washable and dryer safe. Even the pillow can be washed. Currently, I have a couple changing pad and wipe holder sets for sale and the owl baby set pictured, but these are usually custom made. You just tell me colors, baby room themes, and any other details and I work my hardest to find the perfect fabric.


Jewelry, jewelry, jewelry. So much fun!! I always have something in the jewelry world made and ready to ship. But custom is my favorite. Just ask!

kitchen items

I love to make custom items for kitchens. I hear that here in Yuma these will be a hot seller with some of the folks living in their RV’s. I need to make a bunch and get the word out. Only problem with that is all the people in their trailers are headed out now, headed to cooler parts. Oh well. Next season.

I have a few place mat sets available for purchase but again, mostly custom to match your kitchen. I do have a bunch of pot holders and coasters for sale. I made those from scraps and just keep them on hand. Place mats are made with your favorite fabric and a piece of felt inside. Totally machine washable.


And last, I love to try tons of new things. Whether it’s something I find on Pinterest or just something I think up, I will try almost anything.


Ways to contact me…

* Here. Shoot me a comment and tell me you would like to order something!

* Facebook. The business pages actually have their own email now. Head over to the page and click on MESSAGE.

* Email. Emailing is the best. chrissyscreativecreations@gmail.com

* Etsy. etsy.com/shop/Gwenniesmom I don’t have too many things listed right now, but the most popular ones are there.

I send out invoices for all my orders and I prefer to do that via email. So when you contact me please include your email address. I also love to text so if you are comfortable with that, email me your number and we can converse that way. That works great when I am trying to get a drawing or piece of jewelry just right. It’s so easy to snap a quick pic and send it to you to see if it’s what you want.

As far as payment, I prefer paypal because it’s super easy. I do take checks but just keep in mind that I do not start a project until the check has been cashed. I take credit and debit cards as well. I do NOT accept cash unless you are local and bring it to me (or I’m at a show).


I am always looking for new projects and new fans and ways to get the word out about what I do. I appreciate every one of you for following my blog and would love for you to follow my Facebook. Share my posts and photos and keep up to date with everything. There is always something new going on with me and my art. 🙂

I’m Moving

I don’t remember if I posted this here yet, but my family is leaving Tampa and headed west…to Yuma, Arizona. We couldn’t be happier. While we will be living right smack on the middle of the desert, this is the first time in almost 10 years that we will be within driving distance of family and we are soooo excited! So, what does this mean for my craft business?

In the long run, it doesn’t mean anything. Just that I may start to paint cacti instead of palm trees. But for short term, it means that I will have to close up shop for a bit while my stuff is packed up and in route and while I get settled. So….I have a few dates set. Since we haven’t even set up an official day to move yet, these dates could change so check by my Facebook page for updates as I may not get around to updating my blog.

Feb 1 is the last day to buy anything from me.

Jan 15th is the last day to order anything custom (sewn or painted items).

I am going to add an album to the Facebook page soon with all sorts of Valentine’s Day items, so check those out and order soon for that special someone.

Feature of the Week and More

Here is my new feature of the week.

Come on over to my Facebook page and browse my selection of earrings for sale. Most are $15 so 2 pairs for $15 is an awesome deal.

Also, I am planning on doing a super blowout sale on Black Friday if I can get to 300 fans by Thanksgiving. I would love your help! I only need 3 more fans and it’s super easy. Just go to the right of this page and click the LIKE button on my Facebook tab. You won’t regret it. I update there more often than here, and I am thinking I will try to do a special deal for my blog followers.


Rings have been a super hit. I did a custom ring and matching bracelet the other day.

It’s an OM. I had to interpret it a bit different, especially for the ring being one complete piece of wire, but my customer LOVES it and can’t wait to wear it.

Craft Fair and Featured Items

Saturday I was part of the second Craft Fair on base here at MacDill. I don’t want to say it was a bust, but we just did not get the traffic we expected. We used all outlets of advertising and it just didn’t help. I think two reasons: I don’t think everyone is into getting their Christmas shopping done early and there was way too much happening with bday parties, soccer games, etc. But…what did I learn? I need to set up my stuff different. I need to invest in my own table (instead of using the ones provided) and it needs to be a long table so I can spread out instead of packing it in deep-like. People just can’t see everything like I hoped.

But…I did make a new earrings display and I love it and I think it worked out great.


So, I decided that I am going to try to clean out my inventory between now and the beginning of the year, so every week I am going to feature an item with a deal attached to it. This week, FEATHERS!!!

So be sure to stop by my Facebook and do some early Christmas shopping. Again, a new item will be featured each week but everything, as always, is for sale.

Oh ya, I have a couple deadlines. If you want your items by Christmas, the last day to order is December 15th. If you have a custom order, the last day to order is December 5th.

Happy Monday!!


Couldn’t resist the classic movie line!!!

A friend of mine, you have probably heard read her name a few times on my blogs, Sarah, is getting married!! Ya!! She asked me to make some gifts to give to her friends as she asked them to be Bridesmaids in her upcoming wedding. She searched online to find ideas and found one she liked. It was hangers with wire attached and the wire was bent in the shape of the word BRIDESMAID. Easy enough. Let’s do this!!

I used 12 gauge aluminum wire, the same that I use with most of my jewelry and with the help of my husband, drilled holes in the hangers and stuck the wire inside. The hangers are cedar and are just plain store-bought hangers.

I made 3 Bridesmaid, 1 Maid of Honor, and 1 Matron of Honor.

The best part is that they are still fully functional. So each lady can hang her dress on the hangers before the wedding.

Stay tuned from now until next year because hopefully Sarah will give me the pleasure of making more custom gifts for her wedding. So exciting!!

Dr. Seuss Project

I was sitting here for the last couple minutes trying to think of a clever title for this blog and for the life  of me I could not think of one. I think I need to go on a run after this to clear my mind. It is NOT normal for me to not be able to think of something cute and possibly rhyming. Maybe it was the lack of sleep last night since my sick husband was coughing and laying on top of my legs all night. Okay, that’s a whole other blog post. LOL. On to the main focus here, enough rambling.

A customer commissioned me to paint 4 Dr. Seuss themed canvases for her classroom. She told me she wanted one with Horton, Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 &2, and Yertle the Turtle. She sent me a picture of the fabric she was using as curtains so I could get an idea of the colors she wanted and I was off to find samples. I looked online, pinned a couple photos, she looked, she loved, I got started.

(Click the photos to see them bigger. Large just didn’t work out as well)

Here is the drawing of Yertle. All hand-drawn of course.

The Cat in the Hat.

I have photos of the other drawings but I just wanted to give you an idea of my progress so you just get these two. Onto the finale.

Thing 1 & Thing 2. So adorable

The Cat in the Hat

Horton. Don’t you just want to give him a giant hug? So cute.

I’m saving the best for last. There is something about this one that just blows my mind. And as I told my customer, “I don’t like to toot my own horn, but TOOT TOOT!!” Something about this one just makes it pop off the canvas and to me, it doesn’t look painted. It looks like a print. The pictures don’t even show the pure awesomeness. (Okay, enough boasting)

It seems like these projects keep getting more and more fun to do. Anything cartoon is just so fun. My customer came home late last night to her package on the couch. She text me late and said, “OH MY GOD THESE ARE SO MUCH BETTER IN PERSON!!!!” Yes, all caps. Love that reaction I get from people.

Stay tuned in the next week or two…I sent off the wedding project I did for a friend and she is going to give out the gifts this weekend. After that, I can post pictures. They turned out awesome.

Store-bought or Custom..which is better for you?

Yesterday was a great day. A customer asked me to make her two quilts for her kids. I told her how much I was going to charge her. Her reaction… “Great. Sounds good! When do we start?” You have no clue what a relief it is when someone says okay to a price, when someone knows that what they are getting is worth paying a little more than you would at the store.

This last week I have had two customers back out of a project because of the price. Now please, don’t get me wrong, I know what it’s like to not have a ton of money (hello, stay at home mom here) and I am not mad at anyone for not being able to afford something. My gripe is that I think people assume that they are going to get something for the same price as they would if they were to go shopping at a regular store like Target or Walmart. So here are some comparisons.

The photo on the left is an example of a canvas you can pick up from Target for the low price of $20. Cute right? Yes. But it is also not personal. It’s mass produced. It is not hand painted. It’s generic. It matches countless others in other little kid’s rooms.

Now look at the canvas on the right that I painted. The little boy who this was for has a personal jersey from his favorite football team. It has his name on it. It has the Chargers logo as well as the NFL logo on it. It is one of a kind. No one else will have one that looks exactly like this. Yes it costs more than the one you can buy at Target, but that’s when you need to decide which you prefer.

Another thing I would like to tackle is what you are paying for when I make something for you. First, you are paying for the supplies which include canvas and paint. Next, you are paying for shipping which includes the actual shipping of the items plus the supplies to ship like bubble wrap, boxes, brown paper. Last, I charge you $25 per hour to paint. Now, being totally open and honest with you on this one. Some of the canvases I have painted take me a good 30 minutes. Anything simple with some palm trees and background doesn’t take me long. But I am still going to charge you for one whole hour. Now, for other projects that involve more details or more than one canvas (like a character per canvas), I will usually estimate an hour per canvas. Most of these do not take me only one hour. I first have to talk with you and draw things out to make sure I get exactly what you want. This takes time. Then I have to go out and buy supplies and spend time and gas to get everything. Then while I am painting, I am also being a mom and a wife. I have to stop painting to help with homework and chores. I have to stop painting to make dinner and read stories and give baths. I have to stop painting and tell my daughter that “I can’t do that right now because I have to work on this project.” I have to give in to TV and movie watching to occupy my daughter so that I can finish without interruptions.

Now please don’t take this as complaining because I am not. I am just stating that while this started out as a hobby and I would paint for friends, it is rapidly turning into a source of income. When you pay me to paint something for you (or make anything), I am using this money to buy groceries, school supplies, a babysitter so my husband and I can go on a date. This is a job for me, it’s not just fun.

To summarize, I absolutely love doing projects for people. If I could do this forever I would. It brings me happiness to see the look on your face when something comes out great or to see your kids reaction when I paint them something they love. But please, when you ask me to make you something, don’t assume it is going to be cheap. Remember that it is custom to you and is personal. If you want something inexpensive and cute but not personal, head to the store.

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