Again, I will say, I suck at blogging. I think I will make this blog just about everyday, ordinary stuff so that I have something to write about. I am also thinking of copying some old blogs I wrote while I was pregnant onto this site so more people can read them. I had them on myspace but I don’t have that account anymore. Anyhoo…

To go along with my title, I got an invite to a Cocktail/Art Show Party later this month. I was invited by a lady I buy things from on Etsy. I am sooooo excited! Not only do I get to meet more people (being a stay at home mom with one car doesn’t really allow for much socialization), I get a night out, and I get to network. So, as soon as I got the invite, I rushed to get my business cards done. I am going to need those when I go. I am just so stoked.

Business is actually doing pretty well right now. I had 3 people order things this last month. One friend asked me to make some camera straps, another asked me to make a windchime, and the third asked me to paint her niece a canvas. So that was pretty neat to have something to do for a profit for a change. Check out my websites for pictures of those (the uploaded isn’t working well or else I would post pictures on here).

I am kind of bummed that I didn’t make a blog about my daughter’s shirt wearing project. Would it be weird to make a blog after the fact?


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