Artsy Fartsy

Besides yoga, my passion is art. All kinds of art! I love trying it all! I love to paint, make jewelry, and sew.

You’ll find some of my first blog posts on this page.


Yoga & Art: When Passions Meet (My first post on this page should include both passions)

Below are a random mixture of all my previous crafting posts. Some are new, some are old, all are fun!!

“Hope Jewelry”

DIY Christmas Part 2

DIY Christmas

Pin Pin Pinterest

The Avengers

Gwen’s Birthday and More


A Family of Sticks

Mugs, Bracelets, and Girls Oh My!

Reuse, Recycle, Re-Purpose

Feathers and Fun

A Bit of Fabric and a Splash of Paint

Freaking Awesome

Your Own Personal Designer

Craft Fair

Put a Little Love on Your Wrist


I Made a Quilt

New Stuff and a Fundraiser

On Vacation


Dr. Seuss Project

October is Here

More Rings


In a Nuttshell (What Chrissy’s Creative Creations is all about)

Craft Fair and Featured Items

Commissioned Christmas

Mom and Dad’s Christmas


Feature of the Week and More (pretty cool jewelry on this post)

Irritated or Happy?


A Successful Failure

Store-Bought or Custom…

A Very Pinterest Halloween


Wine a Little

Money, Money, Money

I Work Well With Others

Heading in the Right Direction


Pluggin’ Away

Baby Steps



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